A Taste Adventure
Asmalı Balkon

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Her zaman fırından yeni çıkmış lezzetleri ve ürünlerinin davetkâr kokusuyla sizleri bekleyen Asmalı Balkon taptaze börekleri, çıtır çıtır kurabiyeleri, sakin ve huzurlu konseptiyle sıcak, leziz ve özel bir dünya…

With Love and Passion

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The passion that our ancestors started in 1925 on a small baking bench continues with the 3rd generation thanks to you. For 3 generations, the importance we attach to producing the best and quality service, undoubtedly put Asmalı Balkon in the forefront among all its competitors.

While the principles of our ancestors to provide high quality products with a high quality service have enlightened our way since the first day, Asmalı Balcony carries an uncompromising attention to every taste today.

Asmalı Balkon offers you unique tastes on all your special days from breakfast to dinner, celebrations, invitations and business meals prepared with love.

Our love for our business and our passion to make each of our guests happy, innovative production and traditional values combined with the traditional culture of Asmalı balcony. At Asmalı Balkon, we never compromise on quality and health while preparing our products, and we take our service quality forward each day while welcoming you with excitement.

At Asmalı Balkon you will find the unique desserts and cakes, bakery delicacies, international and Turkish cuisine, the experience and quality of 3 generations.

Asmalı Balkon, which is a great place where you can spend a pleasant time in a spacious area that does not make you feel the comfort and peace of your home, strives to offer its long years of experience to its guests without compromising on quality.

With Love
Asmalı Balkon